Already, lots of organisations and individuals have pledged their support for a bus network that serves us in Greater Manchester.

We need as many people as possible to show how much we support (and desperately need!) better buses,  which we have a say in. There are lots of ways to support the campaign. If you have another idea, please reach out!

What if I'm passionate and want to get involved as an individual?

If you would personally like to get involved in the campaign, please reach out and say hello.

We need photographers, social media experts, writers and lots more. We need route reps to represent all of Greater Manchester's bus passengers. Whatever your idea, let me know.

Are you part of a group that believes in better buses?

Many community groups have already pledged their support for better buses. We need to make sure that Andy Burnham sticks to his word and makes a decision for a regulated network.  We need to build a passenger and staff led public campaign, which will show Andy Burnham how much we care about having a better bus system that serves us. 

Some ways groups can help the campaign to win:

  • After, liking us on Facebook and Twitter, share the campaign asks and updates to your audiences on social media and over email. 
  • Publicly support the campaign as part of the coalitions of groups calling for a regulated network. This could be as little as adding your logo to the website to show your support for better buses, to being part of the steering group.
  • Doing street stall petitioning and actions – we’ve got lots of ideas, but we need help!
  • Involve and invite other groups to be part of the campaign and share their experience of buses in Greater Manchester.

Do you work for a company where people need buses to get there?  

We’d love to hear from you. We need as many organisations, businesses and groups to pledge their support for the campaign as possible.

If you work somewhere where people need buses to get there, then pledging your support for the campaign, as a local employer, makes louder the call for buses which serve us all across Greater Manchester.

It shows that we support Andy in regulating the network, and that we need buses which are affordable, regular, reliable, and easy to use. All this requires a bus network which is regulated, as it is in London.

Whether you can offer your logo or your time, or both, we need as many people speaking out for better buses as possible.

Email us for a one-pager about the campaign you can use when reaching out to others in your organisation.


Make sure before you do that, that you sign the petition.

Photo Credit to Jamie-Max Calderwell