What's the story? Where did it all come from? Here's the story from Better Buses Campaigner, Pascale. 

Buses are hugely important to our lives, and I think we should have a say in how they're run.

They're the difference to our ability to get to work, our loved ones, and the services we need. They're a big part of achieving a sustainable and healthy city too. All these reasons are why I'm so excited to campaign for better buses in Greater Manchester and why I think a campaign is needed.

Andy Burnham is deciding right now whether to pick a better way of running our bus network, regulating it, which puts our needs as passengers and staff above bus companies’ profits. Regulation is being investigated, however this in no way means it is likely to happen.
With bus companies running the show, we have a free market wild west of confusing ticketing, unaffordable fares and patchy services which don’t link up, even if they are coming to near you.
Greater Manchester is a world-class place. It deserves a world-class bus system. We need an affordable, easy, reliable, frequent and regulated bus network.

Where did it all come from? 

Better Buses for Greater Manchester is a campaign set up by We Own It and funded by the Foundation for Integrated Transport. 

It's a really exciting time, and we think a campaign that is speaking up for what passengers and staff want for their bus network is vitally needed. Everyone is waking up to the fact that if we want better buses, we need public control of them. 

When they tried something similar in Tyne and Wear a few years back, the bus companies spent a lot of money fighting against a regulated network. New legislation however means we in Greater Manchester have more powers to bring our buses into public control, making them better.

Now is our chance to make buses better. This campaign shows how broadly and deeply we support (and desperately need!) better buses in Greater Manchester, but to win, we need to keep speaking out for our buses. Please get involved and spread the word. If you have an idea, please do reach out and say hello

We don't have much time, so please join the campaign today by signing the petition.